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.  Recently I have been shooting film with toy cameras and with obsolete professional cameras from my past arsenal. I like to imagine what the light is doing and how the photo will turn out with that particular film and quirks of the camera. It's pretty addictive, I go in to get a roll processed and then, once I am in there, I need to buy more film. What I have missed and appreciate about film is the different varieties that are available. There are different brands of film, and within the brands there are different types of film each with their subtle differences in tone and contrast. Ilford Delta 3200, is one of my favorites these days because it works in low light and seems to have the right amount of contrast for the amount of grain, but you can also use it in daylight and, the whites get really blown out while the dark parts get even more contrasty.  It feels good to give weight to each frame by only taking one or two pictu.


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